Our portfolio companies are harnessing top talent, innovative technologies, and exceptional drive to decarbonize the economy as quickly and profitably as possible.


CleanFiber manufactures high-performance cellulose insulation from recycled fiber residuals and other sources, using proprietary fire-retardant chemistry and innovative manufacturing processes. Their product is dust-free, contamination-free, and easy to install as a drop-in replacement. 


Groundwork BioAg produces mycorrhizal inoculants for commercial agriculture. These products form fungal mycelia that extend plant root networks, helping plants absorb water and soil nutrients more effectively. This reduces fertilizer consumption without compromising yield. Additional benefits include increased overall crop yield and quality, and higher plant resilience under stress conditions such as drought, flooding, salinity, and acidic or alkaline soils. 


Idle Smart has developed a proprietary automated engine start-stop solution that reduces fuel consumption and vehicle downtime for fleets. Using the vehicle’s engine and HVAC system, it heats and cools the cabin, charges batteries, and warms the engine and fuel lines. The small, lightweight device connects via an embedded LTE modem, monitors various sensors, and provides analytics through the Idle Smart management suite. 


Kuva offers an industrial IoT platform with fully automated, image-based continuous methane monitoring using infrared cameras. This technology enables upstream and midstream oil and gas companies to efficiently detect methane leaks, helping them meet methane intensity and ESG goals. The system uses low-cost cameras to pinpoint methane release locations and quantify flow rates with minute-by-minute measurements. 


LineVision has developed a non-contact sensor platform that continuously monitors transmission systems, detects anomalies, and provides real-time alerts on risks and dynamic line ratings (DLRs). By using real-time temperature and wind data, LineVision measures actual transmission capacity, avoiding the conservative estimates that lead to grid underutilization. Their technology can safely unlock up to 40% additional capacity of existing power lines, avoiding the lengthy permitting and construction processes for new transmission and distribution infrastructure. 


Manifest Climate offers AI-powered climate risk planning software that generates climate assessments to evaluate the quality of clients’ climate disclosures and management across various frameworks and standards, benchmarking them against peers and industry leaders. The solution can save teams up to 75% of manual time and effort and reduce compliance costs by up to 50%. 


MyLand provides on-farm bioreactors that grow local, native microalgae, which are delivered to the soil through the farm’s existing irrigation system. MyLand’s systems improve soil health, increase crop yield, reduce the need for inputs, and sequester carbon. 


Mysa provides high-voltage smart thermostats for electric baseboard heaters, in-floor heating, mini-split heat pumps, and A/C units. The embedded software enables remote control via a smartphone app and integrates with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomeKit. Multiple units can be grouped into zones, allowing precise control and scheduling, helping customers save up to 15% on energy bills. The smart thermostats are demand-response enabled and have the potential to reduce peak load by up to 50%, saving customers money and reducing carbon emissions. 

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